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7 places to visit in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a city of love, joy, and history. It is often known as the Venice of the North just because of the vast number of canals which are really beautiful. You can do a lot of things at this charming city- from biking to having beers at night. The land of Amsterdam has altogether another level of charm, love, and joy in it. You can plan your trip online with best available packages from India to Netherlands using Cleartrip Coupons today.

So, if you are looking to visit the beautiful capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam, then here are some of the best places you can visit there:

Visit the famous museum called Rijksmuseum

If you are traveling to Amsterdam and want to see some historical artifacts and antiques, then Rijksmuseum is just the place for you. This museum was built in 1809 and houses art and antiques of the Netherlands in more than 250 rooms in this museum. There is a large library too consisting of more than 35,000 books and manuscripts altogether. From handicrafts, ancient sculptures to modern art, you have a plethora to witness which will blow your mind for sure. The best thing to do will to hire a guide and try to understand each and every bit of the antiques in the museum.

Sit for long hours in the secluded garden of Begijnhof

Begijnhof is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital city of the Netherlands. It is also the perfect place for you if you are looking for serenity and calmness.  It is a group of some ancient buildings and is one of the oldest hofjes too. Primarily it was known as Béguinage and now it is just two churches- the Catholic Houten Huys and the English Reformed Church. It has a garden too where you can sit for hours in the pure pristine place and enjoy some time alone. There are Mondrian-designed pulpit panels which you can see and get amazed.

Have coffee at the cafe near the Canal Belt

Built in the 17th century, the Canal Belt is a must explored tourist attraction in Amsterdam. You can explore it via foot or from the water. The Canal Belt got its place in UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2011. There are many cafes and houses near to it or alongside it where you can have coffee or tea. If the weather is nice and beautiful, don’t even waste a second and head to the Canal Belt and have tea or coffee at the cafes. If you are in Amsterdam and don’t visit the Canal Belt, then your trip is left incomplete- that’s for sure.

Visit one of the largest flower gardens, Keukenhof

If you are a nature enthusiast and love sitting amidst the flowers especially, then Keukenhof is the place for you. Keukenhof is one of the largest gardens in the world and is also claimed as the Garden of Europe. It is in the Southern Netherlands- just 40 minute drive from Amsterdam. So, if you are a lover of tulips and colorful flowers, head to this colorful place and seize your moments there.

Get amazed at the Citizen’s Hall in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam. Located in Dam Square, Royal Palace of Amsterdam is the place for Royal Official Dutch functions such as parties. Earlier known as the town hall, you can visit this place- only the Citizen’s Hall which is open to visitors for the visitors throughout the year. Royal Palace of Amsterdam of looks most beautiful in the nights where the view is altogether glittery and vibrant.

Witness the architectural marvel, Amsterdam’s West Church

Amsterdam’s West Church is one of the famous tourist attractions in the capital city. It became a tourist place after the big fat wedding of Queen Beatrix in 1966. The building depicts the Renaissance architecture and a touch of Gothic design. The church tower is the highest in the city which is 85 meters in height. The tower’s tip is similar to Austria’s emperor Maximilian’s crown. You can go to this church and click pictures in front of it and seize the moments. Get notified first for any travel updates along with news on fresher jobs via us by subscribing us free of cost.

Head to Rozentheater for funny nights

If you are bored of going to gardens, canals, and biking in the city, you can head to the Rozentheater in the night. The experience at the place is really amazing. At the place, a cast performs stand-up comedy bits and call people from the audience and pull their legs. So, you can have a healthy joyful time in the night at this place which you can take with you when your trip is over. Honestly, every moment you spend at that place is worth it.

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