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Best Budget Travel Destinations

Five years have passed since I compiled this list for Forbes and with my opinion, I changed the format and asked all my travel experts to mention two places: a nostalgic destination and a place I recently visited. Did you talk to everyone? Your friends?

The goal is to mark the budget destinations a little unusual. These are not necessarily cheap destinations, but places where you can go on holiday without breaking the bank. It can be a country where Americans have strong purchasing power or a remote country but have a good experience.

So, without a doubt, here is the official list of the best low-budget targets for 2019, set up by some of my favorite experts. All answers are in your own words. *

  1. San Antonio, Texas, USA

If you like real Mexican or Tex-Mex food, San Antonio has it. Before my family could afford international destinations, we drove the weekend from Houston to San Antonio. From walking along the San Antonio River Walk to the quest for excitement at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, we’ve always had a blast. There are also many historic sites to visit, such as the San Fernando Cathedral, where free light shows are held each night.

If you come to San Antonio on weekends, you should definitely go over the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market. After college, I lived in San Antonio for two years and Pearl Brewery was the first stop for my external visitors.

  1. Puebla, Mexico

I was in Mexico a month in January and I found a nice surprise in Puebla. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage List and it is easy to understand why. Architectural lovers will spend days exploring the historic center and admiring a seemingly endless number of churches.

Although Mexico is the fourth largest city in the world, you will almost not see other tourists. I felt like I had room for myself. It is one of the cities where you can easily immerse yourself in a peaceful environment. The region is known for its brown sauce, which should not be missed during a visit.

Ciara Johnson is a full-time blogger, writer, and traveler from Houston, Texas. When he is not out, he laughs with friends, reads the documentation and eats chipotle. You can follow your trips on Instagram or at www.heyciara.com.

  1. Hawaii, USA

I go to Hawaii every year. I have traveled for years and I love all islands. Flights to Hawaii are generally quite cheap, especially in recent years. While it’s not cheap on arrival, it’s worth exploring the South Pacific with the convenience of America and a shorter flight.

I especially recommend Maui, maybe my favorite places in the world and at least visited the island of Lanai. For golf lovers, I would recommend the Four Seasons to Lanai.

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