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Kakslauttanen Resort

Best Places to See the Northern Lights

At the Finland Kakslauttanen Resort, you don’t even have to go up to see the northern lights. Looking through their glass-driven igloo, you can fall asleep while emerald green, fuchsia and indigo blooms animate the night sky.

North of the Arctic Circle, in extreme Finnish Lapland, surrounded by towers, it is a place of outstanding beauty to discover the Aurora borealis that has surprised and inspired observers for centuries. The cities of Scandinavia, Alaska, and Canada sell the lamps as the main attraction and offer adventures to the most adventurous and luxurious travelers.

The lights, which are caused by the sun’s charged particles, which collide with the atoms in the earth’s Fairbanks, Alaskaatmosphere, create a dazzling natural appearance and can be followed in different parts of the world. In Churchill, Canada, you can easily see the lights dancing in a polar bear’s family from your sleeper. It is also possible to see them in the continental United States in Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania, known for its dark skies. If you want to experience the glorious spectacular scenery this year, keep track of these goals.

Fairbanks, Alaska

The cold that often accompanies the Northern Lights experience can be a real deterrent. Enter hot springs with Chena Hot Springs with its mineral-rich hot springs. Rock Lake, adults only, offers the opportunity to enjoy a light show with a refreshing dip. Fairbanks, AlaskaFairbanks is in a series of Aurora activities, which means that the city regularly experiences a green, yellow and purple sky from August to the end of April. The phenomenon occurs more often between 11:30 p.m. and at 10 and 3:30 in the morning, but the amount that goes to bed early does not have to worry. If you live in a hotel room, you can answer a call or turn off the door when auras are discovered in the sky.


Svalbard, Norway

Norway does not lack first-class views. Firstly, Svalbard, a number of Arctic islands, is located halfwaySvalbard, Norway between the mainland and the North Pole. Since the archipelago experiences a polar night or eternal darkness between mid-November and February, it gives the visitor a double chance to see the lights and is the only inhabited place in the world where one can experience today’s phenomenon. Take a three-hour snowmobile safari or relax on a snowmobile tour with hot drinks and cakes.


About 200 nights a year, the northern lights are displayed in Finland. In the romantic Kakslauttanen Resort, north of the Arctic Circle, you can see a dance show in a glass glory. And the next night you can get Aurora on a sleigh ride in the countryside that surrounds it. In addition to wood and glass igloo, you have the opportunity to choose between log houses of almost 100 years with its own sauna. There are countless homes in Finland, from glass villas and domes directly to the sea to a Nordic ranch with cottages with windows and glass roofs.

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